General Membership Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month. There are no meetings in July and August.
Bingo every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. - Hall Rental Forms - CLICK HERE!


• Upcoming Events


MAY 2016
 May 28
 • Commanders Club 4:00pm
 May 30
JUNE 2016
 June 01
 • SAL Election of Officers 2pm - 6pm @ Post 8
 June 05
 • House Committee 10:00 am
 June 14
 • Executive Board 6:00 pm
 • POST 8 and Auxiliary meetings 7 pm
 • Nomination of Officers
 June 15
 • Sons of American Legion 6:00pm
 June 21
 • Post 8 ALR BURGER NIGHT 4:30-6:30 pm
 June 25
 • Commanders Club 4:00pm




      Post 8 Officers, Ray Carrier, Ralph Scott, Ed Weischler, Cmdr. Jim Leslie, Scott Reinacher (Thin Blue Line), Chuck Teller, Barb Gurnsey, Chief Michael W. Reaves (PHPD), Louann Dubuque (Auxiliary President), Bob Hawkins, and Dennis O'Connor present a check for $2500 to the Thin Blue Line of Michigan.

      On behalf of Post 8 Officers, Ray Carrier, Cmdr. Jim Leslie, Chuck Teller, and Thin Blue Line Secretary Kelly Pigeon and Director Severin Erickson, "THANK YOU" to all who helped out, donated, and attended our successful evening.




• COMMANDERS CLUB Season Tickets for 2015-2016 NOW AVAILABLE!
Michigan State License C-27263
Only $50 for the Year!     Dinner and Music included at the end of the season!

 Nov. 28th WINNERS! $50-Lynn H., $50-Patti V., $50-Kim I., $75-Roger I., $125-Frank A., $100-Linda W.
 Dec. 19th WINNERS! $50-Nancy S., $50-Frank A., $50-Brenda S., $75-Rick S., $125-Denis T., $100-Vera L.
 Jan. 23rd WINNERS! $50-Sharon A., $50-Lucille S., $50-Patti V., $75-Jim G., $125-Paul S., $100-Dennis O.
 Feb. 27th WINNERS! $50-Rick S., $50-Ray C., $50-Dawn B., $75-Kevin H., $125-Bill C., $100-Kathy Miller.
 Mar. 26th WINNERS! $50-Barb G., $50-Nancy S., $50-Bill I., $75-Sharon A., $125-Paul S., $100-Bill R.
 Apr. 23rd WINNERS! $50-Dave O., $50-Brian L., $50-Lois B., $75-Kathy M., $125-Bill B., $100-Geraldine M.
License # C-27263

 COMMANDERS CLUB Season 2015-2016 Tickets online - NOW AVAILABLE!
 11 Months, 66 drawings for only $50 - 6 Cash drawings per month - Dinner and music/dance included at September 2016 drawing!

Commanders Club Tickets 2015-2016 Michigan State License C-27263


• American Flag Retirement Ceremony

On May 31, 2015, Post 8 members along with Boy Scout Troop 104, participated in a Flag Retirement Ceremony. The United States Flag Code states, "The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."

• Post 8 Officers for 2015-2016

On Tuesday, June 23rd, the installation of Officers for Post 8 was held. Below are our new leaders! CONGRATULATIONS!

     The following are our 2015-2016 Officers for Charles A. Hammond, American Legion Post # 8:
  •       1. Commander:       Jim Leslie
  •       2. Senior Vice:       vacant
  •       3. Jr. Vice:       vacant
  •       4. Adjutant:       Mike Gurnsey
  •       5. Finance Officer:       Chuck Teller
  •       6. Chaplain:       Ray Carrier
  •       7. Historian:       Ed Weichsler
  •       8. Service Officer:       vacant
  •       9. Sargeant-at-Arms:       Nick Lucas
  •       10. House Comm. 3 Year:       Jim Lynch

     The following are our 2015-2016 Officers for American Legion Auxiliary Unit 8:

  •       1. President:       Louann Dubuque
  •       2. 1st Vice:       Barb Gurnsey
  •       3. 2nd Vice:       Terry Lilley
  •       4. Secretary:       Susan Svacha
  •       5. Treasurer:       Betty Cline
  •       6. Chaplain:       Marty Carrier
  •       7. Historian:       Judy Ovick
  •       8. Jr. Past President:       Melanie Zick
  •       9. Sargeant-at-Arms:       Denise Kilbourne
  •       10. Executive Board:       Herta Scott, Brenda Almanza, Pam Leslie

     The following are our 2015-2016 Officers for the Sons of the American Legion Unit 8: :

  •       1. Commander:       Tim Gruber
  •       2. Senior Vice:       Jim Zick
  •       3. Jr. Vice:       Louie Piva
  •       4. Adjutant:       Don Tallmadge
  •       5. Finance Officer:       Rick Dubuque
  •       6. Chaplain:       Ray Carrier
  •       7. Historian:       Walt Twiss
  •       8. Sargeant-at-Arms:       Bill Bruehan


• Post 8 Hours of Operation

      •  Sunday & Monday - CLOSED
      •  Tuesday - Saturday open NOON — close 9:00pm


• Memorial Day Parade Port Huron 2015

Members of the American Legion Riders Post 8 rode in the 2015 Memorial Day Parade. To see over 100 pictures, click on this link - Photo Gallery




•  Website Calendar

Please check our website calendar from time to time for updated events which may be added between Newsletters.


• BINGO Every Thursday @ 6:30 p.m.

Three (3) Cover-Alls every Thursday at $500 each!






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2015-2016 Officers

Commander: Jim Leslie

Sr Vice: vacant

Jr. Vice: vacant

Adjutant: Mike Gurnsey

Finance: Chuck Teller

Chaplain: Ray Carrier

Historian: Ed Weichsler

Service Off.: vacant

Sgt-at-Arms: Nick Lucas

House 3 Yr: Jim Lynch

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