Charles A. Hammond
American Legion Post 8


Bingo Rules

  1.             1.   You must be 18 years of age to play bingo.

  2.             2.   You are not allowed to save seats for any other players.

  3.             3.   You must display your admission ticket in plain view.

  4.             4.   Paper specials shall not be sold after the first number of that game is called.

  5.             5.   Players shall play only those cards they have purchased.

  6.             6.   You must use a permanent marker on all cards.

  7.             7.   You must bingo on the last number called and before that bingo is closed.
                      (IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO HEAR.)

  8.             8.   Sorry, no checks are accepted.

  9.             9.   No one under the age of 18 in the hall once bingo begins.

  10.            10.   Redemption of charity tickets is 14 days after being sold out of that box.

  11.            11.   No refunds allowed to weather, power failure, or other emergencies, and acts of God.

  12.            12.   If you do not have an admission ticket and you bingo, YOU WILL NOT BE PAID.

  13.            13.   If you wish to stay and not play, you must purchase an admission ticket.

  14.            14.   If you are caught buying charity tickets for a worker, you will be asked to leave and not return.



Bingo Committee

Chairman:Albert Buchheister