2015-2016 Post 8 Officers

Meetings held 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Commander: Jim Leslie
Senior Vice: Harold Frey
Jr. Vice: VACANT
Adjutant: Mike Gurnsey
Finance Officer: Chuck Teller
Chaplain: Ray Carrier
Historian: Ed Weichsler
Service Officer: David Belair
Sargeant-at-Arms: Nick Lucas
House Comm. 3 Year: Jim Lynch



American Legion Riders Post 8 Officers

Meetings held 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Director: Dennis O'Connor
Ass't. Director: VACANT
Secretary: Joy Hill
Chaplain: Ed Burke
Sargeant-at-Arms: Al Bloome



House Committee

Meetings held 1st Sunday of each month.

Chairman: Mike Gurnsey
3 Year: Jim Lynch
2 Year: Ralph Scott Sr.
1 Year: Bob Hawkins
House Manager: Colleen Campbell